The GOP Water-Carriers


No one saw the recession coming.- Gordon Ramsay.

That’s completely asinine. Anyone with the good sense God gave a goose knows that increasing spending at exorbitant levels while reducing spending results in debt. Money fleeing the economy with no benefit to Americans creates a recession. You see, the GOP has become obsessed with the debt, but the difference is that spending now (at record levels) goes to the benefit of Americans. Improving American lives should be the job of the government. Which brings me to the GOP hysteria of the moment, the Affordable Care Act; you may know it as Obamacare.

My friends and I are all approaching twenty-six or we’ve already reached that foreboding age. You see, that’s the age when the government thinks we should be the masters of our own healthcare fate. What galls me is the amount of twentysomethings who have fallen under the sway of libertarian charlatans like Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX). The list of Right-wing nihilists goes on, and I know young people who have willingly become water-carriers for their brand of pirate libertarianism.

Right Wing politicians in the first decade of the Twenty-First century wrote bad checks with our futures as collateral. The response? The Republican party tacked hard to the right and rode a wave of geriatric astro-turf grassroots to even greater heights (lows?). Social Security recipients, medicare recipients, and those already comfortable adopted a political stance of “got mine, to hell with you”. This is selfish, pessimistic, but pretty par for the course on the right side of the spectrum. Somehow, they convinced a bunch of young people who are soon to have the economy heaved onto their shoulders that they don’t deserve the same benefits and promises that the previous generation had.

Don’t we deserve a government that works?

Photo-Flickr/Bruce Teten


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